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The Rippon Family :D


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2008 Madrid JGP

As some of you already know, in 2008 we had in Madrid a Junior Grand Prix event (the first time that an important FS Event landed in Spain) and I thought "I MUST be there" so I signed-up as volunteer. There's where I met westwinter irl.

It was such a crazy, tiring, but unbelievable week, picking-up skaters in the airport, translating, helping, but above all, watching lots of FS.

TBH I wasn't the crazy stan that I'm today, so I didn't know any junior skaters, but it's cool to see them shining in senior events now.

Let's start with the picspam!!!!!!!

This is the ice-rink where the event was held, it's into a mall so it's a lot cooler than any other ice-rink you know.

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Jan. 25th, 2011

April 14th
April 27th

That 2 days will decide if I finish the stupid career or not. On 14th I'll have the final exam of pediatric dentistry and on 27th, the exam of general dentistry.

That's closer than expected, I hope I'll survive :P

After all, I'm the best dentist ever :PPP

Noche de Reyes

Hi Guys, I've not updated my journal since November (shame on me) but something wonderful happened today. I've got the most beautiful Christmas present ever.

Well, in Spain tonight is "Noche de Reyes" and is when the Three Magical Kings leave the presents for the kids. January's 6th morning is the most wonderful moment of the year if you have children or if you are a little kid.

At home I'm the youngest, and in the whole family, it's my cousin, who is 17, so it's still a beautiful day, but it's not magical anymore.
But today me and my friends found something definitely magical under our Christmas Tree...
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The little new star

I want to dedicate this post to the presh Kanako Murakami

I met her in 2008, and if you want to know the whole story, click the cut.

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2009 TEB (Part II)

Ok, tomorrow I don't have to wake up early, so I have a little more time for giving you the second part of my TEB Saga, today dedicated to my friends :D
Well, we call ourselves the "Orange Team" and we have even a page on
facebook because we're too cool for this world (come on, frond us)

Everything started the previous year, when 5 of my friends went to TEB. They wanted to use something to appear on TV easily, so they thought that Orange would look great on TV... they weren't wrong. They also added some letters to the T-Shirts (WE-♥-Y-O-U).
The past year we were 7 on Paris (W-E-♥-Y-O-U-!... I was the U hahaha), and now we are 9, but just 7 of us will be there.

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I'm furious with the stupid photographer/photoshopper who did that to Steph, so I decided to try to photoshop one of the pics and see if I got any kind of improvement...

This is the pic:

And this is the result:

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Well, I wanted to make a post about these 2 amazing artists from New Zealand, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement a.k.a "Flight of the conchords"

I discovered them the past year and I love them, they're funny, creative... just perfect

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Music all around

Well, I'm finally posting about music as [info]crossthefingers suggested.

I don't really have a favourite group or singer, and maybe a song is my favourite today, and 2 weeks later I can't listen to it anymore. So I'm gonna post some songs that were my favourites some time ago and I still can listen to them:

I'll start with Bon Jovi, my parents just love them and I've listened their songs since... always. I prefer their oldies, and between them,
"You give love a bad name"
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